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About Us

As the saying “Beginnings of Big things are small” we thought and began an establishment purely to solve the problems coming out of practical experience that the rig owners faced.

About last two decades, we have established our name by contributing several innovations, those actually fulfilled the convenience of drilling equipments either on ‘brand’ made compressor equipment or hydraulic equipments, by making alternations on it.

We introduced many of our own design to improve disability to achieve maximum efficiently and mainly to adopt minimum maintenance. We have passed a mile stone of manufacturing hydraulic operated rig mounting, besides pneumatic set up, for last 20 years.

After 2000, we touched a peak, and got a national wide fame in manufacturing PHE brand hydraulic mountings by its individual standards and quality.


Our management is self motivated in the rig field in adopting new system to wash away the troubles that rig owner faces and innovate new methods considering different factors like economy, time saving, reduced man power even through nobody demands for it.

We are always keeping in mind the economic ties of customer, merely not aiming project and its gain.

If a project has been entrusted to us, the customers need not worry about it’s function, we would execute beyond the customers satisfaction would explain the matters even which the customer not known yet.

Factory profile

We are having heavy basic infrastructure to carry out different kind of works in order to perform a project. A big machine shop consists of several machine tools like foreign made lathes, milling, drilling, slotting, grinding and CNC machining division is having VMC (vertical Machining Centre), Turing Centres to make easy reach of production of so many spares needed for rig.

An NC machine tool of huge vertical bed milling machine is our part of production guys. There are several well trained team of production makes possible of fool proof assemblies and subsequent testing and up holds our brand.

Adequate staff and managerial strength is there to conduct different departments like machine shop fabrications, assembly, testing, stores, purchases, sales and accounts.

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